Wednesday, June 28, 2006


“Wishing will never be a substitute for prayer.” --Ed Cole

I do still wish I could have my computer working order. I have so many grave things to pray for. I don't think I will bother about the computer yet. A little 8 year old girl in our church is on the heart transplant list. they had to put in an adult sized heart pump because there were no child sized ones available and she really really needed one. One is on the way from Germany but not here yet (as far as I know). Her name is Darby and she has 6 bro's and sis'. Mom is a sahm who home schools. If you can, pray for strength and peace for all concerned, and for the family who may be supplying the heart.. that is the problem. for one child to live, another must pass away. such a sad situation. But we are placeing it all in God's hands. His will be done. I need to get off here, wipe my face off and head to church in just a while to teach the third lesson in sign language.

Oh, also, I took my first watercize class this morning. whew!! what fun all those gals are. blessings on your days, <><

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