Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I was so saddened to learn of Steve Irwin's passing. About 8 years ago, our daughter was going to beauty school and our son-in-law was working the night shift at the Ford plant. So I was watching the girls in the evening until Bree got home from school. And we had a regular routine we would go through. After supper, was bath time and jumping into jammies. Then they would lay down on the sofa, one at each end. Covered up they would get a snack and we would settle in to watch Crocodile Hunter. They just loved to watch that young mans antics. Except when they were operating they didn't like to watch the operations. Now mind you, they didn't mind watching the animals attack and eat each other but no operations. They grew up on Animal Planets television shows, but they love him the most. So now the world says, Goodbye, Mate. Posted by Picasa

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