Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Called and Saved Knitter

still not able to knit. very frustrating. i wore the thumb brace for a month and went back yesterday to dr. whittaker. he said i had 2 options, cortizone or a minor surgery. because i am very suseptible to infections for both, i chose the cortizone. It bruised my thumb around the injection shot and still need to wear the brace for a while. if it doesn't improve i will end up having surgery anyway. and they can't do the usually surgery where they go in and just release the ligament. because i have the r.a. in all my hand and wrist joints, i need the ligaments to support the joint. so....what they do is go in and remove the swollen tissue to make room for the ligament to move more freely. sure wish i had my sister in law to do the rehab. she is an occupational therapist and specializes in hands. i just may find it necessary to go to florida for therapy. heeheehee.

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