Wednesday, October 08, 2008

ok, i'm done

i got my total right hip replacement on july 22 of this year. 2 major surgeries done in 7 months. but im pretty sure im done. hope no more surgeries ever. still recovering, but doing well. i am going to try to post a little more often.


  1. Hi Glenna,its me Cheryl(krisleon) from tight knit friends,how are you,hope you are ok after your hip replacement.Take care.Cheryl

  2. Hey Cheryl, long time since I've talked to you. Hope all is well with your family.

    I haven't blogged very much in the last year. Really wasn't up to doing any more than i needed to.

    have you heard anything from leah. She was in chicago last time i saw anything on the net. her husband was still stationed in Iraq or someplace. It kind of bothers me that she disappeared off the net.

  3. Hi Glenna,Hope all is well with your family,no i have not heard anything from Leah,i have pm Lindsay has she is on Ravelry as i am,i am still waiting to hear from her,will let you know when i do.

  4. Hi Glenna,Lindsay has not heard from her either.

  5. its kind of creepy that all three of us have tried to contact her and no one gets an answer. surely she would have contacted one of us if something bad had happened.