Friday, February 06, 2009

and heres the rest of the show!!!

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  1. would that be permanent marker that I see on Montgomery and Monroe's mouths. OHHH, looks like someone had fun trying to get that off. I bet they had fun putting it on there in the first place. Don't you just love it when have fun with markers and decide to add some designs to their bodies that really shouldn't be there? Gotta love it!!! Were they trying to look like Grandpa? I seem to recall Grandpa with a beard and mustache at one time. They just knew it would take them longer to grow theirs so they helped themselves a little sooner. Ha!!!! Have a good one, I'm doing laundry again, Ashley has a friend over and Alyssa is gone all day to a Bible Quiz Meet. She is on the Bible Quiz team at church. Take care!!!

  2. hey brenda! no there is tape on their faces and madison decided to age them a little along. did you like the movie? i just now learned how to apply film. it takes longer than a reg post, i am a little impatient. do you or ed quiz her on bible questions or does she just read and remember a lot on her own? you have some fun with that laundry, hear? lol

  3. we don't quiz her, she has a book she studies from and she has quiz meet practice every Sunday night, except for the Sunday after they have had a meet.
    Oh, yea I just have ball with the laundry. LOL You are being soooo funny!!!
    I better go for now, it's 11:20pm and I need to wake Ed up to go to bed. 4:30 am comes early and so does 5:30. Have a good one.