Sunday, March 22, 2009


  1. someone is bored or has to much time on her hands. That was cute, but where did you find it? Did you have the grandkids over here lately? You are to funny!!!!
    I'm waiting until everyone is ready to go to church, so I came down to get on the computer, and lo and behold I hear Bert singing about a blanket.
    In your column about you, it mentions how you have been married to the same man for 40 years, remember when Larry told Pastor Crump that you were his first wife. Ha!!! The look on their faces when he told them that was priceless. Oh, I found out that Pastor Crump has remarried since Pat passed away. Not sure to who, but I think that is neat. We were wondering if it was Gloria since Jack is also gone, and the two families were so close. Probably not, but it could have happened. Have you heard anything about it from Debbie?
    Take care and I'll talk later.


  2. no I hadn't heard that. deb is in florida with my sister and mom
    so havent talked to her much.

  3. how come you are not in FL with your sister and mom, and Deb is? When do they return to IN? It would be nice to be in FL now, in the warm weather and not the rain like we have here today. But it beats having snow anyday.
    How are things in the Henninger household? We are just fine here in the Barnes' home. I'm doing laundry today and we are all going to clean the house. It needs it badly. Ed is also going to hang up some doors inside the house. The one to the basement and Ashley's closet door. Take care and have a good one!!!!


  4. They got back last thurs. I don't vacation with those guys. I don't talk about the same things and they wouldn't have the "fun" they have when i am not around. so i would just rather stay home and love them from afar.

    i hope to spend time on my deck soon. every time i try it, it is too cool. and i have to come back inside.brrrrr.

    larry took the girls golfing. so i am doing a little bible studying. we bought a couple of those topsy turvy tomatoe trees so i am waiting for him to bring potting soil and a couple of plants. and mayby some miracle grow stuff.

  5. home grown tomatoes sound great right about now. You can't buy decent ones in the store.
    we are having rain this morning, supposed to dry up this afternoon. we may go to DC this afternoon as a family and see some sights. Not sure yet? How did Larry and the girls do golfing? Take care and have a great Easter.

  6. they always have a good time goofing, er, i mean golfing. it is raining here right now. had a fair amount of pain for the last week. i am ready for some sunshine. it is really pouring out there. we celebrated madisons birthday on sunday. she said she didn't want the regular holiday food, but she said it was o.k. if i made deviled eggs. hahahaha guess what! larry and i decided to learn hebrew. even bought rosetta stone to do it. so.... shalom