Friday, May 08, 2009

Morgans first prom



Doesn't she look beautiful?
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  1. she looks very pretty in her dress. How did she get to go to prom already, I thought it was just for juniors and seniors. Was she invited by some boy at school to go? The girls can't go yet, next year and the year after that, and then one more year for Ashley.
    Anyway, Morgan does look very pretty in her dress. Good color on her.

  2. yeah, the pbf (potential boyfriend) asked her and since everyone at church knows and vouches for him, she got to go. also, her youth pastor was a chaperone. i'm not too worried about the pbf cause he will be leaving for college soon. yah! this was not something i would have allowed, but she is very responsible and she's not my baby.
    have you checked out the facebook? it has more pics on it. how are things going for you guys? larry's work has been very slow.