Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Called and Saved Knitter

Thankgiving thoughts...... I am so thankful to have family, who I love and who love me. We went up to Michigan and Aaron and Janet and the kids met us for breakfast at Denny's near the hotel. then we all trekked over to their house and Janet and Larry made the dinner. Larry deep-fried the turkey in peanut oil and Janet made herbed corn, mashed potatoes (with those delicious small lumps in it!!), carrots, sweet potato cassarole, rolls and of course creme brulee with fruit juice on top. Yummmmmm. Janet's mom, Karen, came over and ate with us and it was such a wonderful day. We truly are blessed to have family. It was so great to see the kids. Of course Alex was thrilled to see us again, and it was mutual. Sure love that sweet sugarboy!! But this year, Miss Shelby actually warmed up to me from the start. Usually it takes half a day. But it was a Thanksgiving Miracle!! She likes me, she really likes me!! I just loved seeing them all. Can't wait to go back in a couple of weeks for Alex's birthday celebration. Whooohooooo! Hi to wolvesandmoose!!

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