Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I guess winter has come to indy after all. this is a pic of our neighborhood. not very clear cause i took it through the door and screen.


and here is our new deck. built by our friend, alan f. i actually got to spend one delicious afternoon on it a week ago. it's 20 x 20 so it's very roomy.can't wait for spring.
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  1. would that be alan figy that built the deck?

  2. sure is. it is so beautiful. Of course, it was my christmas, anniversary, birthday gift. it also got rid of a useless hill. larry could barely cut it let alone any of the kids play back there. now there is lots of room. we grew the existing 9 x 20 foot (which was popping boards up) into a 20 x 20. that should be plenty big enough. i am trying to talk larry into letting me have a fire pit (up on plenty of stepping stones so that it won't melt the flooring. It's trexa, that man made wood looking stuff)). but so far, no luck......oh bother!!

  3. say to him, "oh, honey I love you so much can't I please have my fire pit?" Probably already tried that didn't you. Aren't men so funny when it comes to spending money. We like to, they don't! Well some don't and I guess others do. Go figure!!!!
    We had 2 snow days this week from school, finally went back on Thursday. We were off Tues. and Wed. It was good to be back. I miss the Learning for Life kids when I am not there. It's the 6 kids we have in our class. I really love my job.
    Take care!!!!!