Wednesday, January 14, 2009

sure enough....

yes he was up and talking to me at 4:15 this a.m. but because i bought crispy creams yesterday, he let me stay in bed until 6. i finally couldn't take it anymore. he's just so stinkin cute you just have to laugh. he also ate 4 scrambled eggs. he doesnt want to go home.


  1. Awww did grandma have to get up early this morning? You love it and you know it!!!!!!! It's me from Maryland. Decided to check out your blog site, and I got on here by myself, without knowing whether or not it would work. Am I good or what? We are off school today for a dusting of snow, and that is all it is, a lousy dusting. At first it was a 2 hour delay in starting school, so I went back to bed. Ed had called to let me know. Then I get up and we are getting ready for school and work, and at 9 am, I find out no school at all. Of course by that time we are ready to leave the house. So I decided hmmmm, I am home all day, it is time to get some major laundry done. so I am doing that and on the computer. I'm eating my lunch as I am writing to you. The girls brought down what I had packed for school today, so I am typing and eating lunch and life is good.
    Have a terrific day and enjoy the time with the grandkid.


  2. brenda, how sleuthy of you.lololol did you have time to check out the other entries? I think i have pics of all the grandkids on here.

  3. Is sleuthy a good thing or a bad thing? Ha!!!!!! Is it like, "I'm older than you because my birthday is in the first month type thing, or something else?" Ed will be 50 this year, in May. I'm thinking about having a surprise party for him sometime this summer. I will still celebrate his birthday on his birthday, but then have this big surprise thing over the summer. Maybe you all can come out for that. I'll have more details later on.


  4. what about the birthday thing, or the sleuthy thing?
    How are things going for you today? I am doing fine, just on the computer and doing laundry while I check messages. Put clothes in, and come back and type. When the dryer is done, go get the clothes, put more in and come back to the computer. What an exciting life for me. It needs to be done, and I like getting on here and checking my messages, so I'm killing two birds with one stone kind of thing. the girls are upstairs, along with Ed, so it's just me down here enjoying my time on the computer.

  5. hey brenda. sounds exciting over there. not doing too much here. morgan came over to work and make some moola for a party frock. got some kind of "date" next friday. with some geeky guy. she is still here, and just said, "hey!" his name is matt. yuck, what kind of name is that???? i'm just pulling her leg. shes waiting for her mother to show up. know bree, it could be a while. so tell ed we say hi. take care and you know you can email me,......right?