Tuesday, January 31, 2006


O.K. so I go to the Rhuematologist for my 6 week Remicade treatment. Now usually when its time for the treatment, I need the treatment. But surprisingly I felt pretty good. I told them about the M.R.I. and they got on the horn and called the hospital for the report. So I get weighed in (UGH!) and I go sit in the recliner and wait for Nancy to hook up the I.V. Well, after blowing out 3 or 4 veins, I said to Nancy, maybe I am not supposed to get my treatment today. She did another stick and it blew also. About that time, the doctor came in and said she (meaning me) can't have remicade today because of her having M.S. (Welllll............ I guess there will be no surprises when I go to the Neurologist tomorrow.) Now normally, that Nancy is so good she gets the stick on the first try!

If anyone thinks that those 5 veins closing down to keep me from that treatment is an accident, we need to talk and pray together. I feel the hand of God is on me and Larry. You see, it seems that Remicade makes M.S. symptoms worse. That may explain why I am so exhausted all the time.

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