Tuesday, April 11, 2006

no pressure, .........yeah right

I just finished next weeks lesson on King David. It was interesting how, even though he was not allowed to build the temple for God, He was able to take the responsibility for all the work, and the workers, setting up everything so that when Solomon becomes king, no one will have a reason to grumble about their part in God's house and plan, because he (Solomon) is young and inexperienced.

It ended up being 8 pages front and back, long. whooooooo! I am glad to have it finished before this weekend.

Tomorrow and Thursday I will need to clean and get everything ready for the trip to Michigan, on Friday.

Friday the house is being inspected (while we are gone) for the sale.

Saturday is Shelby's 1st Birthday Party. After that, we will beat feet home on Saturday night. Sunday is Easter and Madison's Birthday. No time left to do the lesson, so I had to do it all in one sitting, and I got about 9 phone calls while I was doing it!!!

no pressure.............................. /:=)

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