Sunday, July 30, 2006

Amazing Grace

I just heard that old song on the radio early this morning, "Amazing Grace". I stopped my study, and signed it. When I think about the condition of the world today, with war and rumors of war, with earthquakes shaking cities, and the oceans roaring with sunami's, I think of all my loved ones who are only one breath away from an eternal judgment, not to heaven but hell, I feel such an urgency to tell them again. A free gift is being offered. You would think that in a time when folks are looking for anything that they can get free, not costing them anything, but free for the asking, they would run to the nearest altar and need only ask with a believing and repentant heart for their free gift. It was paid for at such a high cost. I have been studying the gospels the last few days and what a wonderful book that would give us all the instructions needed for a life lived victoriously for Him. I hope you go to His house today, visit with your brethren, and lift your hands, bend your knee and bow your head before a loving and righteous God. <><

p.s. I think we are going to have 2 and maybe 3 deaf people at church today. I hope Cody is going to be there to sign the service.

“The longer you delay, the more your sin gets strength and rooting. If you cannot bend a twig, how will you be able to bend it when it is a tree?”
— Richard Baxter

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