Sunday, July 02, 2006


“The greatest battles are fought in the mind.”
— Casey Treat

Little Darby is still with us. I was told they are keeping her in a medical coma most of the time. They bring her out a couple of times a week. It is still a great time of needed prayer.

Well.....Larry and I went and looked at a house on Saturday. I sure am not looking forward to trying to pack again. It kind of scares me. After we got into this apartment, I was in a very weak physical state. And it's only been 2 months. whew.......I am having a hard time with just the idea of another big move. But we are still praying about what we should do. I rely greatly on the fact that the Lord knows the plans He has for me and if He wants me to move, it will happen, and if He wants me to stay here for a while longer, well, here I am. <><

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