Monday, November 17, 2008


for some reason, we have experienced several deaths of young people. some by accident, some by suicide, and also we know of 2 girls who are missing.

what has happened in our society that we dont know what is going on with our youths.

where has their hope gone? I cant imagine that these promising young people are living lives so hopeless that they cant face another day. Not thinking about the consequence of their actions. Because they are not here, it's not over for them. Where would they find themselves now?

have they begun to be eternally tormented, smelling nothing but fire and rot seeing things they cant even imagine. Never to be able to escape something they have initiated themselves?

or have they entered into an eternal peace. singing and praising a God who loves us and wants only to keep us for Himself? but who expects us to live in such a way as to give Him glory now, while we are among the living. not throwing our lives back into His face because we dont think it is good enough.

i am so sad, so sad....

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