Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Happy Homemaker Mondays

This is late...........but here goes:

The Weather...
partly sunny and not as cold. high of 38.

On My Reading Pile...
I am in Exodus 25. the Lord is giving Moses the pattern to be followed for the tabernacle and it's  furnishings.
I am going to the library today to pick up new audio books

On My TV...
                                                          Survivor is done for the season, so.....?

On The Menu For this Week......... 
Monday we ate out.
Tuesday I made Turkey Tetrizini
Wednesday we will eat out
Thursday i am making Prairie Pork Chops
Friday i am making chicken, black bean and cilantro soup
saturday i am making Scooter's baked spaghetti
Sunday we will eat left overs

On My To Do List...
Make out my menu and shopping list for next week
go to the library
go to the grocery
Meet my new Rheumatologist today
Go to church.

Tips and Tricks...........
if your milk seems to sour before you use it all,
every time you open the fridge, give the bottle or carton a little shake.
It makes all the good bacteria in milk not settle on the top.

One of my new Favorite Blogs....

What I Am Creating...
good memories for my family and a good example of Christ-like behavior

Looking Around the House...
Now really, .....must I?

From The Camera...

A gift from my precious Michigan family.

Something Fun To Share...
Time spending talking with my daughter in law. 

On My Prayer List...
our church
my bible study teachers
Rick M, cancer
D & B for their marriage
Lisa K. still recovering from fall down stairs
Linda R. much illness in family

Bible Verse, Devotional...
Proverbs 20:22b
Wait for the LORD, and
He will save you.

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