Friday, August 04, 2006

day 5

Lesson 5 day 5 is spent reading was the commentaries say about chapter 2 verses 1-10.

Father, thank You for being so very patient with me that I am still here, learning more and more of Your precepts. If I apply Your grace to everything I say and every aspect of my life, You will say Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant. Remind me daily that, that is exactly what I am and why I am here. As Your servant to this very needy world that is spiraling quickly out of control. Thinking of all the people who have died without your saving grace, still waiting for the Judgment day, already removed from Your presence, and now knowing the error of their ways and having no hope to change, breaks my heart for the ones still here and still blinded to the truth. Whose hearts are of stone, thinking they have the world by the string and not seeing that the string is badly frayed and becoming more and more damaged, thinner and thinner. God help them, and me to be a better servant to them. <><

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