Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Maddies socks

the color on here is almost exact. she wanted socks for bluejeans
And I thought I would give you an update for Darby:
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 03, 2006 04:14 PM, CDT
Darby is very tired. She was given blood again yesterday. The doctors are going to begin giving her iron and tring a few other things to help build up her red blood cells. The red blood cells become low due to the amount of blood that is needed each day for lab work. The blood test to check for antibodies came back negative. That is good and bad. Good news is that it's negative, bad news is that we have had to give her blood at least twice since that test so we must wait an additional two weeks to see if she can be listed without a cross-match.
A terrible tragedy occurred Sunday. It was not discovered until around 10 pm so it appears it may be too late. I know you're dying to know, "What happened!!". Darby's baby blankie was accidentally thrown in the hospital laundry and is now unable to be found. The nurses have called every shift to help find the blankie. Darby is mortified. She has cried (as much as she can cry) several times over this horrible situation. This is not a good time to lose your blankie. May God return this blankie!
People from the Methodist Rehabilitation Center are coming to visit Darby. They are better equipped to handle stroke victims. They are going to advise us to what to except and how to proceed with her therapy from here. Darby is not able to actually go there to stay because of the VAD but they may be able to treat her here or even allow her to visit there. We will see.
Lindsay and Beth (Child Life) brought more decorations today. The room looks awesome. It is very bright and colorful. What everyone needs when they don't feel well. Jennifer (RN) is bringing some 8 X 10 photos she took in Hawaii back in July. The room is going to be everyone's favorite place to be. Relaxing, warm, and friendly.
Thank you for continueing to support and care for and about us. We are doing well and I know it's your prayers that make that possible. Thank you again. With love, Dawn Posted by Picasa

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