Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sweet Darby

I thought I would give you an update on the little (now 9 year old) girl from our church who is waiting for a heart. She of course is taken off the heart list every time she has a stroke and she has had 3 within the last two months. This is what her mom wrote:

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 01, 2006 03:20 PM, CDT
Darby is well. Heparin was increased slightly. Her last PTT was around 59. Another PTT will be ran at 4pm. (every 6 hours)
We have been practicing speaking. She is able to say, "Jennifer, Dana, mama, daddy, I Love You, Amen" and few other words. It is difficult to say "S" words. Her voice is very quiet and sometimes hard to understand.
The children were all here so we took a walk downstairs. Darby rode in her wheelchair. We took her outside but only for a few minutes. Darby grew tired very quickly. The walk just to get her into her chair is extremely exhausting.
Tomorrow Darby is going for a swallow test. It is at 9:15am. If she does well, it will mean she will be allowed to eat and drink some. Even though she has IV feedings and NG feedings she still seems to get hungry and thirsty. It is getting better since they increased her NG (nasogastric-stomach tube) feedings.
Darby has proven multiple times how strong she is. This last stroke has only reminded everyone of her incredible strength. God has given this child unimaginable amount of strength, courage, and patience. I know no other way a 9 year old child could face the things she has and still smile, if it were not for the Lord Almighty.
Enjoy the wonderful sunshine! Make today a day to remember. Love and blessings, Dawn

This is such a special family they have 6 other children who all go to see their sister almost every day. If you would care to donate to the family please contact me. Mom is a sahm who homeschools and dad is self employed.

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